Guardian's Pact

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Relic-guardians pact.png

Guardian's Pact is a relic in Ashen.

  • Source: In the Diasora's nest.
  • Effect: The wings start broken; once enough damage has been sustained they become full.
    • Broken Wings - Scoria Gain +25%
    • Full Wings - Damage Reflection 30%

Wings sprout from the bearer's back, purifying their thoughts and ensuring more is gained from every opponent defeated. As they become a natural part of the body, the wings mend and provide a brutal surprise to attackers.
"Thread by thread, we weave this shroud of shadow together." - Sissna
In-Game Description

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The wings are repaired permanently. You cannot re-equip them to get the bonus Scoria gain once they have been repaired.