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"Lathyrus was so different in the golden age of light. Great houses and avenues stretched from here to the Featherlands. So much has been lost." - Amara

Lathyrus was the greatest of humanity's cities. At the end of the Third Age it was buried under a sea of ash.

Culture[edit | edit source]

  • Their Seers were able to use the Twin Hearts of Lathyrus to bend and control light from atop the Tower of Gnomon.
  • Lathyrians quickly forgot their true origins, but they were religious and worshiped Gods created in their own image.
  • They were advanced enough to create clockwork toys that played tunes when touched.
  • They tamed einar to be used as hunting companions
  • When the third age came to an end, monks began Seeing Stones to watch for shadows and Heartbone Rods to keep them at bay.