Vagrants Rest

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The Town known as "Vagrant's Rest" will be slowly rebuilt by the survivors you choose to bring back from your journeys. They will provide you with help ranging from weapon upgrades to a storage box.

As Vagrant's Rest grows and is rebuilt, there may be valuable items that appear in not so obvious locations around the Town.

Town's People / Interactable Objects[edit | edit source]

  • Bataran - Blacksmith. Can upgrade Weapons damage if you have the right materials (Anvil).
  • Jokell - Trusty companion in search of lost family. Can increase the amount of swigs contained in the Crimson Gourd (Work Bench).
  • Amara - Can be seen playing music on a stringed instrument. Can create Relics and Talismans for you to use and switch between for a small fee (Work Bench).
  • Vorsa - Hunter. Can create Spears for you to throw (Work Bench).
  • Silaren - Alchemist. Can create a variety of Potions that give you different buffs if you have the right materials (Work Bench).
  • Flokir - Tinker. Can create brighter Lanterns for you to use (Work Bench).
  • Villager (Female) - Villagers are scattered around the Town. Offers items for sale.
  • Villager (Male) - Villagers are scattered around the Town. Doesn't offer any purchasable items but you can speak with them.
  • Storage Box - Provides you a safe place to store your items that may be of use later on.
  • Ritual Stone - Serves as a checkpoint and fast travel location. Refills your health and "Crimson Gourd" swigs.